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I'm pretty sure I have social anxiety, I'm going to psychologist soon to do whatever it is people do at the psychologist's.

Hug for friend. Moon Moon gon give you some good tips for anxiety. Step one to ten involve bacon so we gon go right to step eleven.

Never stop believing in yourself, never stop loving yourself. Because you are beautiful. With self love comes so many beautiful things, strength and confidence. It’s not an easy thing to do, but you can do it.

Don’t even feel like your emotions aren’t validated. Emotions are not things we can predict and stop. They are like little pups, wild and predictable. Dont try and force logic into it, feel what you need to feel but remember at the end of the day the best person to pick you up is yourself.

Their is nothing wrong with you, social anxiety is a common thing. You aren’t abnormal or strange, you are perfect, and with some help you can concur this.

Find a doctor that suits you. Just because they have fancy-shmancy people paper and go to expensive schools doesn’t automatically mean they know the answer to everything. Find a doctor that knows you, understands how you work, that listens to you speak and you are able to compromise and find a solution together.

It’s okay to disconnect, to take a few minutes for yourself and catch your breath. This should be a gradual change, dont force it. But always try and return to the situation within ten to twenty minutes once your have calmed down, and never stop trying.

Moon Moon will always be here for you.

Hey Moon Moon, my boyfriend just came back from the military and I'm itching to get to spend some time with him, but he usually waits to tell me his plans last minute so I'm kinda bummed out a lot, do you think this will get better with time?

That is a tough question friend. The military is a hard thing to come back from, it takes special kinda of brave people to go out there and fight, but it takes even greater people to see them through the hard time.

Friend must understand that whether you are on the front lines or just in training that something in you changes. It’s hard being away from family, their is a lot of physical and mental stress that comes with it, and they can return with injuries both physical and mental.

All Moon Moon can say is, Do you love him? Can you make a den and pups with this man? Does he treat you well even if he is a bit flighty? Can you love him with his flaws, and love him through everything he may go through, and will love be enough.

Answer those questions, and you will find your answer.

Best of luck friend, tell man friend Moon Moon says thank you for preventing forest fires.

I'm hungry moommoon. And tired.

Moon Moon will show you a magic trick.

I make Bacon, you go sleeps, and when you wake up it magically disappears

Moon Moon best chef


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Goat gives it all it’s got

give it all you’ve goat

IM PIS SING OM FG thegreathookedcaptain

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Robin Williams in all of his (42) movies.

42? Seriously, 42? 42???

You know what this means, yeah?

Robin Williams is the answer to life, the universe and everything.

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Sometimes my dog thinks he’s a child.

Mommy I saw a spider!!!

Spiders big deal
spiders scary

Moon moon! I graduated this year but now I don't have a job and I just feel so sad almost all the time. My dream is to become an author but I'm afraid I'll fail. What to do?


Moon Moon has just the thing for you friend!

Coming this November is a special program called NanoWrimo. It’s a program to help writers out. In November you have thirty days to complete a 50,000 word novel to see how you work under a time limit. Many popular stories have started as Nanowrimo’s like Water for Elephants.

You can meet with other authors and help plan out your novel! Crazy Lady with a Laptop has participated for the last six years. They even have write offs in local areas. Try it! You may like it!

Hey moon moon. It's my first year at college and I have a single dorm room what kind of parties should I throw?

Moon Moon says it’s your first year so you should be careful. College parties can be fun but also dangerous, know when it is a good time to throw one, make sure you dont have any tests coming up. Start small, large parties can be over whelming.

Start with fun parties, like a tv/movie marathon with close friends and grow from there. Be careful of alcohol especially when it’s brought while underage drinkers are present.

Be safe and enjoy yourself!