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Kingdom Hearts 3 meets The Pirate Fairy (Done In Gameplay Format of KH 2)


The world on the map takes place at pixie hollow, in which Sora and the gang are shrunk down to the size of fairies. He enters to see the fay sleeping soundly, and opens Tinkerbell’s little tank to meet the fairies, they explain that there is trouble about, and an old fairy Zarina has come and put the rest of the fay to sleep.

Tinkerbell is added to the team.

His first quest takes place in gathering clues to find out where Zarina is, upon entering the Blue Dust Chamber their is a cut scene showing Zarina picking up the blue dust with the intention of taking it. Sora tries to stop her, thus causing her to throw BLACK pixie dust which form off heartless/ whatever new villian there is to fight. Sora must defeat the heartless and chase after Zarina before the clock runs out.

The chase leads you to the water fall, where you see Zarina with the dust and Tink tries to bring her back home, she hits them all with talent alerting dust, and Sora must gain a new spell before progressing.

Upon obtaining said spell Sora returns to Pixie Hollow, followed by a cut scene of James Hook talking with an agent of Organization XIII, they are persuading Zarina to make special dust to grow the heartless, said heartless feed from her own quickly blackening heart.

Sora and the other fairies are lead to the ship, and must sneak into the cabins quarters without getting caught. The Scene moves to Skull Island, where you see a pixie tree being created, guarded by heartless. The gang attempt to swipe the dust. A frustrated hook, having already learned all of her secrets, takes the black dust and sprinkles it over Zarina to become the next boss battle.

Sora defeats her, Zarina wakes up to being confused, betrayed, and guilty for not trusting Sora.

Queue Cut Scene of Orginization XII trying to take the dust from Hook, only to be stopped by Sora. The next fight includes a full fledged battle across the ship, fighting both heartless and pirates.

Sora stands down hook, telling him to give back the dust. Hook refuses. Sora proceeds to battle with Hook and looks like he is going to loose, when all the fairies come to back him up, their power of friendship and unity chasing away the heartless off the ship.

Level now cleared, Sora explains to them the situation, and is thanked by the girls who insist they got it from here. Sora receives a new keyblade.

'Blue Dust Blade is a light weight weapon allowing for quick Arial Assaults. Plus (leveled ammount of magika) Minus (Leveld ammount of defense.)

Places Included In The World:

  • Skull Rock
  • The flying ship
  • Waterfall
  • Pixie Hollow (stadium)
  • Pixie Hollow (Dust Chamber)

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